The Strip Mall of Shame

The Strip Mall of Shame presents the winners of the “Scammer of the Year” pseudo-competition, wherein all candidates were character assassinated in this blog’s “Scammer” category at some point over the course of the preceding 52 weeks. The victor was selected for their ability to present themselves as stalwart citizens while simultaneously deforming the local psychogeography for their personal enrichment, with extra points awarded for douchey behavior.

Pending development approvals and a successful supplication to the City’s Public Art grants, it is hoped that a likeness of the winner will be installed in a physical Strip Mall of Shame. For today, this virtual venue will have to serve.


2016: Christie Clark, Premier of the Province of British Columbia, for blatant disregard for the negative impact of real estate speculation on Lower Mainland communities until her party’s reelection was threatened and then contributing public funds to fuel the market anyways, and her sheer arrogance and jerkiness.


2015: Barke Ingels, Bjarke Ingels Group, for unashamedly promoting yet another condominium tower as a “complete work of art”, with a straight face and a northern European accent.

Green Growth Leaders Paneldebat med erhvervsledere

2014: E. Hunter Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, for unmitigated greed and complete disregard for community, exemplified by the CPR’s destruction of garden plots along the Arbutus corridor.


2013: Tsur Sommerville, Associate Professor, Real Estate Foundation Professorship in Real Estate Finance & Director, UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate, for his tireless effort to shill for the real estate industry that pays his way, and the shear ridiculousness of his title.


2012: Bob Rennie, Rennie Marketing Systems, for extreme self-aggrandizement couched as public service, “philanthropy” and a penchant for uncivil discourse.