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The Cringe: Trump International

by Zbigniew

The Cringe: Hot Bitch in Charge

by Zbigniew


Hot Bitch in Charge is a -mostly- Mandarin language reality program featuring the luxurious lifestyles of “ultra rich Asian girls in Vancouver.” Watch as young women with inherited family fortunes engage in various and conspicuous consumptive activities.


The Cringe: In the City

by Zbigniew

The Cringe: Wrecking Ball

by Zbigniew



Construct, aim, release & …destroy!

Swing learning into action with the KEVA Wrecking Ball!

Construct and engineer – Sharpen essential skills like following directions and reading diagrams, as you construct a working Wrecking Ball using the architecturally-inspired blueprint instructions.

Experiment and Destroy – Once built, test the principles of physics by adjusting the length of the Hoist Rope, swinging the Wrecking Ball as a pendulum, or free-fall crashing into towers assembled from KEVA planks.

Build bigger towers, buildings and monuments to knock over with our 200 or 400 plank KEVA Structures sets.

MindWare – Brainy toys for kids of all ages

Made in China

The Cringe: It’s You … Vancouver

by Zbigniew

The Cringe: Vancouveropoly

by Zbigniew


“A board game about the GREAT city of Vancouver! We’ve chosen some favourite landmarks and traditions, mixed in some sushi and lattes, a drive across the Lions Gate Bridge, a trip to the planetarium, and a jog around Stanley Park … and voila -behold- VANCOUVER-OPOLY!

“Buy property, collect Boathouses and trade them in for Marinas. It sounds easy enough -but add in a traffic jam, property taxes, parking at Stanley Park, and tuition at UBC, and it becomes a little more difficult … and a lot more FUN!”


The Cringe: Driving Skills

by Zbigniew

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The Cringe: Trumped

by Zbigniew

The Cringe: Vancouver Nights

by Zbigniew

“Vancouver Nights”, from The British Columbia Suite (1969)

Stereo, Capilano Records CAPS 701, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Gatefold sleeve album within, with 8 pages of color photographs of Beautiful British Columbia. Notes to rear by then BC Prime Minister W. A. C. (Wacky) Bennett. The British Columbia Suite, composed and conducted by Nelson Riddle

The Cringe: River Greenwash

by Zbigniew

Imagine a place … where bullshit and money fuse …