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The Cringe: Likey

by Zbigniew

“You may not have heard of the South Korean pop group Twice, but the nine-member K-Pop superstars have put Canada, and specifically Vancouver, on the world map with their new hit video ….

“In the video, the young women appear in locations around Vancouver, singing and dancing at several spots in historic (and ultra-hip) Gastown, along the Stanley Park seawall, in a famous downtown alley, at a favourite deli and more — as well as in the fishing village of Steveston, on the White Rock pier, and while taking a ride on the SkyTrain.”

CBC Radio Q

The Cringe: The Arc

by Zbigniew

From Paris, to London, Beijing, and Vancouver, a whole lot of hot air.

The Cringe: International Private Vaults

by Zbigniew


“At International Private Vaults we care about what’s valuable, to you.

“We have an eye on everything that is close to your heart.

“Located near the Vancouver international Airport … IPV offers you long-term leases and the option of anonymity.”

The Cringe: Burquitlam

by Zbigniew


Also, in English:

Gesamtarbeits Scheiße

by Zbigniew

The Cringe: Love Birds

by Zbigniew

The Cringe: Suncom

by Zbigniew


The Leaders In Land Assembly

Sun Commercial Real Estate Ltd.

The main focus of Sun Commercial Real Estate is property investment and land assembly management. We have a unique and competitive edge in the market, and have crafted an investment modality that sets us apart from the crowd. Our comprehensive process makes the best use of commercial real estate resources, and with our business partners, our team, our corporate culture and the SUNCOM brand influence, we have shaped our tried-and-tested system to maximize returns. We have become leaders in Vancouver real estate assembly investments.

At SUNCOM we are experts in the commercial real estate process, giving us a unique advantage when it comes to FSR (floor space ratio). Over the years we have helped our clients achieve impressive returns on their investments, ranging from 16% to 150%. When the economic crisis hit in 2009 and one of our projects didn’t grow in value as much as we hoped, we were still able to garner a 16% return on investment for our clients. Our company has a large amount of investment capital, and we always invest in every project we put together. With our experience and leadership, we guide our clients to come together and secure large investments. With a relatively small amount of capital, our clients participate in and gain access to the profits of some of the largest investment projects in Vancouver.

As a professional commercial real estate investment company in Vancouver, we have had a stellar track record. In 2014 we completed 9 projects, with the sale amount of CAD $209 million. We aim to purchase CAD $418 million worth of projects this years. We are both confident and capable that we can deliver the right investment opportunities and generate the most profit possible for our clients in 2015.


The Leaders in Land Assembly

The Cringe: Scenic Rush

by Zbigniew

The Whistler Experience

Drive 4 Exotic Cars | 7-8 hrs | 220 km | $1295

West Vancouver to Whistler (and return)

Our all-day luxury experience!

Take in the spectacular natural beauty as you command four exotic driving machines along the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler.

Your journey will weave through forests, mountains, valleys and some of the most lush and spectacular scenery in all of Canada. This seven to eight hour day trip will satisfy your hunger for exotic cars and great food at North America’s premier resort destination.

Along the way, you will stop to switch vehicles with your fellow drivers. These stops will provide opportunities for spectacular photos with the stunning backdrop of the islands and mountain ranges of the Sea to Sky Region.

By the end of the experience, you will have driven all four exotic cars, including a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430 Spider, Audi R8 and Nissan GT-R.

The Cringe: Luxury Supercar Capital

by Zbigniew

According to the local CTV affiliate (here, starting at 32:35), Vancouver enjoys the distinction of “Supercar Capital of North America.” That is, we more drivers per capita of vehicles that start at $150,000 and ascend to the millions.

The “Luxury & Supercar Weekend” returns this September.

The Cringe: Plebiscite Hell

by Zbigniew

What the hell’s wrong with kids these days?