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by Zbigniew

Kaslo Street & 22nd Avenue:

“Constable Brian Montague, a department spokesman, said in an e-mail Wednesday that the goal is to ‘provide the good and law-abiding residents a community that they feel is safe and a community they feel they can enjoy without the fear of gangs and guns.’

“The officer, who would not agree to an interview, did not link the installation of the cameras to a specific event, and there do not appear to have been any high-profile incidents in the neighbourhood in recent weeks.”

“Surveillance cameras on east side used to deter violence: Vancouver police,” Sunny Dhillon, Globe & Mail, August 26, 2015


Vancouver Police Monitor Gang Activity Using Ensol’s Hybrid Video Trailer

“At Ensol Systems, we work with the latest technology to develop innovative solutions for remote power, surveillance, communications and safety. Our systems are used throughout the construction and oil and gas industries as well as by law enforcement agencies to save time, money and to improve safety.”


by Zbigniew

May Day, May 1st,  commemorates the aftermath of a bombing that took place at a labor demonstration on Tuesday May 4, 1886, in Chicago.

Grandview Park, Vancouver, May Day, 2015:

May Day

May Day

May Day

May Day

Send in the Drones

by Zbigniew

Thefts and break-ins, drug use and drug deals, as well as prostitution continue to haunt the downtown area.

Vancouver? Surrey, maybe? The teeming cesspit of crime and depravity in question is Maple Ridge.

To the rescue rides Westridge Security, with its generously open-ended commitment to “fulfilling the needs and interests of all our clients” and its latest value proposition: unmanned aerial vehicles. Westridge will be the first private security firm in the province to operate drones.

They’re equipped with infra-red cameras, but no worries: the drones can only be deployed when “requested by an agency.” We can rest easy, knowing that our precious and increasingly delicate privacy is in the firm grip of the federales.



Skymount Unmanned Systems is a Vancouver-based company providing commercial aerial drone services.

From the company’s decidedly slim FAQs page:

“Are Drones dangerous?

“Unfortunately the first widely publicized use of drones was for military purposes, so most people equate them with large aircraft carrying weapons. Civilian drones are very different: they are small, lightweight, quiet, electric powered and are very unlikely to cause any harm.”


Real estate hacks “the Mcnabs” are “upping their game” with a DJI Phantom Quadcopter drone: “now we now have a million more options and angles to help promote our listings!”


Security imperatives, capital investiture, private property preoccupations, brought together into a unholy nexus of bolstered profit margins. How might this play out in the Wild West that is our Terminal City?

Beyond the Pale

by Zbigniew

VPD Charger

The Vancouver Police Department is replacing its fleet of Ford Crown Victoria Interceptors with the Dodge Charger Enforcer.

In place of the non-descript and utilitarian is a curious nexus of RoboCop aesthetic, the convenience of illuminated front cup holders, and the green credentials of “a highly efficient 3.6 litre engine … [that] will reduce fuel consumption by approximately 25%.”

Whether racing to the scene of the crime heralded by the deep baritone of a “rumbler” siren, or deploying the “Stealth Mode” to creep up on their prey as an “undercover hunter”, the new, TV-ready, badass ride will take Vancouver’s Finest Beyond the Call –in theory.


“The City of Vancouver has filed statements of defence on behalf of its police force in a series of lawsuits related to the Pickton case.

“The city has filed statements of defence insisting it acted reasonably when it received reports of sex workers disappearing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

“The statements also argue there is no evidence any of the women named in the lawsuits actually disappeared from Vancouver or died as result of activity that happened in the city.”

The Province, “Vancouver police force insists it made ‘reasonable efforts’ to find missing women found on Pickton’s farm” (October 7, 2013)



by Zbigniew

Tip-of-the-hat to “Gorbag.”

The Eyes Have It

by Zbigniew

“The preliminary map that we created, based on the data that we collected …. It indicates the places where surveillance cameras could be found prior to the installation of extra cameras for the Olympics. [Emphasis added]

“In all, the map represents the locations of 1500 of the 2000 cameras we found; the remaining 500 have been difficult to assign geographic coordinates to based on their addresses and must be done manually.”

Vancouver Public Space Network


Friendly Surveillance

by Zbigniew

Pacific Central: Stainless steel sentinels promise incidental convenience in an Orwellian/Huxleyan dialect, all for the low-low price of being surveilled. While these dead-eyed servants of the state have not been deployed -apparently- beyond a Station Street trial, Vancouver’s Photo Violation Technologies Corp. remains committed to Revolutionizing the Parking IndustryTM by Perfecting How People ParkTM one trademarked phrase at a time.

Kudos to Kasimir (

The PhotoViolationMeterTM

The World’s Friendliest Parking MeterTM!

FEATURES-Benefit To You!

Every Way to PayTM

The PhotoViolationMeterTM accepts a number of payment options including:

Coin (Multi-currency)/Bills*

Credit Card*


Debit Card*

Smart Card*

*Some options may not be activated.

Credit Card No-FineTM Feature*

Never worry about receiving a parking violation!

By paying with credit card and selecting the No-FineTM feature, the PhotoViolationMeterTM bills time automatically to your credit card while the vehicle is parked. Once the vehicle pulls away, the meter stops billing the credit card.

NOTE: Check time restrictions and no-parking times

Grace PeriodTM Feature*

Don’t worry about running a few minutes late! The Grace PeriodTM Feature is a user friendly feature that allows the driver to pay at the meter for expired time upon returning to your vehicle.

NOTE: Grace Period set by City/Municipality

Pay Your FineTM Feature*

If you do receive a parking violation you can pay it right at the meter. It’s so easy!

Instant NotificationTM Feature*

The Instant NotificationTM Feature informs of:

No-Parking Times

Rush Hour Zone Times

Special Events Parking Rates

Free Parking Times

* Patents Pending. Some Features May Not Be Activated.