Welcome to Scamcouver.

If you’re looking for something mindlessly warm, fuzzy and sugar-coated about Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, try “Vancouver is awesome.”

The only cocktail available here is unsweetened blend of cynicism, snark, and shit disturbing. How do I do it? Volume.

For under the civic boosterism, the “world class” branding, the golden glow West Coast condo yoga lifestyle is a bedrock reality of grey skies and wet feet, corruption and crime, greed and desperation. It claims youth, but in reality it’s about as old as it gets -and twice as tired. There’s a big gap between the image and the reality and it’s bridged by the scam, the grifter’s distracting flourish that leaves you short, monetarily and spiritually.

Except ….

The Scamcouverites:

For better or worse editor & contributor Zbigniew Cylbulski, aka “Zbigniew Cylbulski”, was born, raised and lives in Vancouver.

Contributor and sidekick DJKlueless claims to be a clueless emigre; his fighting style cannot be beat.

Are you a Scamcouverphobe? Contact Zbigniew: zbigniew.cylbulski@gmail.com.