Some Inappropriate Posing

by Zbigniew

An advert offers money to stand in line for a condominium sales offering. Said line-up is reported in the presse faux as evidence of ongoing exuberance in Greater Vancouver’s real estate market, and pretty much ignored by the presse vieux. Apparently, there’s nothing to see here, folks, except maybe a display suite and some floor plans.

Still, I’m curious. Who’s the crowd wrangler? Who is Shannen Carlson?

Appropriately enough, Carlson has a long history of flesh peddling. As the “owner and operator” of Calendar Girl Productions, she oversees such diverse activities as the Whistler Exposed calendar, the Men of Whistler Exposed calendar, and the Bamff Exposed calendar. Fun fact: the inaugural Whistler Exposed calendar won bronze as the Best Wall Glamour Calendar in the 2011 National & World Calendar Awards. “[It’s] like receiving an Academy Award for a calendar,” said Carlson.” It’s a classy calendar; there’s no nudity or inappropriate posing of any sort.”

Marketing one’s goods comes naturally to the native Winnipegger, as evident in her star turn in low budget Cancon feature  Scalpers. That’s Carlson in the trailer, being serviced by the pool boy.  No nudity, but possibly some inappropriate posing -depending on how such things are defined.

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