The Sound of Music

by Zbigniew





Translated (poorly) via Google:

On the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, at 11:00 on September 30 (Beijing time at 1:00 on the morning of October 1) Canadian Chinese Association joint Dawen all overseas Chinese mission, held in front of the Vancouver city hall to celebrate the Chinese National Flag Raising Ceremony of the People ‘s Republic.

11 am, in the loud “singing the motherland,” the sound of music, guarding the flag hand escorted five-star red flag to walk to the front of the mansion flagpole, Vancouver Acting Mayor Zheng Wenyu pull rope, the Chinese Consul General in Vancouver Liu Fei, (Joe Peschisolido), Canadian Chinese Association Executive Chairman Wang Qiqi pull the flag, in the solemn “march” song, everyone with great excitement in the visual five-star red flag in Vancouver city hall building before rising, this is the first A bright five-star red flag was raised during the Chinese National Day in Vancouver city hall, raised in the Canadian overseas Chinese life and love this land!


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