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Month: July, 2016

Eviction by Demolition

by Zbigniew

5025 Imperial Street, Burnaby

Imperial Squat

Imperial Squat 2

Imperial Squat 3

Imperial Squat Corrigan


Demovictions 2

Demovictions 3

Imperial Squat Development Map

And just a few metres away:

Imperial Squat Epilogue

The Cringe: International Private Vaults

by Zbigniew


“At International Private Vaults we care about what’s valuable, to you.

“We have an eye on everything that is close to your heart.

“Located near the Vancouver international Airport … IPV offers you long-term leases and the option of anonymity.”


by Zbigniew

Semlin & Franklin

For 90 years a foundry stood here. In 2001 the fabrication of iron fire hydrants and manhole covers made way for Hollywood product of questionable value and limited durability -eg. Catwoman.

And then, nothing at all.

What will bring life back to this neglected corner? What will encourage pedestrians to j-walk with impunity? What will attract the wonder of both cyclists and the owners of expensive automobiles and yet respect zoning restrictions?


Signage 1

Signage 2