fear & loathing in Lotusland

Month: March, 2016

“Face Value”

by Zbigniew

Quotation marks can be used to indicate dialogue, direct attribution, and the titles of poems, articles and other short works or compositions.

Quotation marks can also be used to reflect sarcasm, irony, euphemisms, or slang. The word or phrase in quotations cannot be taken at face value.

"Nanaimo" 1"Nanaimo" 2


by Zbigniew

It’s dank: wet and damp, grey skies and greyer markets, floating billboards, and a concerted effort to manage expectations downwards.

Forecasts call for more.

In this moment, a brisk wind carries the scent and petals of cherry blossoms. Warmth and light fill the brief gaps in the cloud cover. The loathsome sounds* have withdrawn to the fringe, far enough to be drowned out by birdcalls and the rustling of branches.


* These include sounds associated with asset improvements, cranky fauna, proselytizers of sacred or secular fantasies, and elected officials and leaf blowers.

High Rise, Vancouver

by Zbigniew

Video, theatrical trailer for High-Rise; audio, Trump Hotel & Tower Vancouver