by Zbigniew

Beeba BoysBeeba Boys

Deepa Mehta, Canada, 2015, 103 MIN.

“Vancouver finally gets its answer to Goodfellas and it comes from a somewhat unexpected source. Internationally renowned for thoughtful dramas such as Water, and having previously made a successful foray into comedy with Bollywood/Hollywood, Deepa Mehta now seamlessly transitions into adrenaline charged crime cinema.”

Vancouver International Film Festival, 2015

Alas, a slap-chopped clump of cliché, under-seasoned, under-cooked, and underwhelming.

However: featuring obliquely motivated and unsympathetic characters acting out a coke-fueled consumerist fantasy punctuated by violence and bad dialogue against an attractive vista of golden hues, with an incoherent sense of both local geography and social realities -in its own, inadvertent, way -a quintessential Vancouver film.