by Zbigniew

Kaslo Street & 22nd Avenue:

“Constable Brian Montague, a department spokesman, said in an e-mail Wednesday that the goal is to ‘provide the good and law-abiding residents a community that they feel is safe and a community they feel they can enjoy without the fear of gangs and guns.’

“The officer, who would not agree to an interview, did not link the installation of the cameras to a specific event, and there do not appear to have been any high-profile incidents in the neighbourhood in recent weeks.”

“Surveillance cameras on east side used to deter violence: Vancouver police,” Sunny Dhillon, Globe & Mail, August 26, 2015


Vancouver Police Monitor Gang Activity Using Ensol’s Hybrid Video Trailer

“At Ensol Systems, we work with the latest technology to develop innovative solutions for remote power, surveillance, communications and safety. Our systems are used throughout the construction and oil and gas industries as well as by law enforcement agencies to save time, money and to improve safety.”