Close to Home

by Zbigniew

Renfrew & 1stOur first home was a short walk around the corner.

I can just barely recall –from those alternate universe days before siblings- a toy store filled with baubles and an occasionally indulgent father.

My first encounter with an Italian deli –the heady odours of cheese, meats and gesticulating Mediterraneans- was at Adelina’s. Columbus goes back at least a generation and I knew the family from high school.

Bon Bon morphed into Dogwood and then a sandwiched shop of some quality, with a couple of iterations in between.

The coffee shop has been in almost constant metamorphosis. Its many incarnations included the ridiculously named “Fonzi’s.” It must hold the block record for “Shortest Tenure.”

Dentists and druggists, barbershops and beer makers.

The flower shops and convenience stores with their ready gifts and refreshments have moved back and forth and back.

In one fell swoop the entire block, the whole kaleidoscopic and idiosyncratic collection of unfashionable, unpretentious and highly serviceable quotidian service is to be obliterated and replaced. The low profile jumble is to make way for five stories, but no narrative.

Renfrew & 1st Development