A Sewer

by Zbigniew

The liner notes from The Doors: Live in Vancouver, 1970 quote Ray Manzarek: “Such a cool seaboard town. Smell of smoking salmon in the air. First Nations people’s vibe in the air. Clean air in the air.”

Jim Morrison’s views on Vancouver’s air quality, caught between tracks, are somewhat less florid and fancy: “You guys sure have a beautiful city here, you know that? You really do. You can’t imagine how refreshing it is to come out of a sewer like Los Angeles and breathe some fresh air for a change.”


Forty-five years on and Vancouver -always a sort of far-flung suburb of the City of Angels, a Bedroom Dreamland- has finally caught the big city mojo.

We’re warned to stay indoors to avoid the particulate matter of forest and dockland fires. A short stroll risks exposure to rancid humours rising from the city’s bowels and the high-pitched reek of apparently cooking garbage. Meanwhile, the stink that wafts off False Creek is enough to warrant a rechristening -Shit Creek.

The sewer is in full flow.


By the by, The Doors concluded their Pacific Coliseum performance with, naturally, “The End.”

“Waiting for the summer rain ….”