Rapid Disenchantment

by Zbigniew


Excerpt: “Canada Gains A Noted Science Fiction Writer,” Michael Walsh, The Province, Monday, February 21, 1972

“[T]his year’s convention, held during the weekend at the Biltmore Motor Hotel, did not repeat that first jaunty display of nationalism. It did, however, attract an immigrant.

“Author Philip K. Dick, the gathering’s guest of honor and keynote speaker, has decided to stay in Canada. Although Dick had previously discussed the possibility of such a move with convention planners, the apparent abruptness of his decision was a surprise.

“According to Dick, he has been deeply impressed by this, his first trip to Vancouver. That, combined with a growing disenchantment with the United States, most forcefully expressed in his speech to the convention, led him to decide to stay.”


Excerpt: Chronology, from Phillip K. Dick, VALIS and Later Novels, Literary Classics of the United States, 2009


Visits Vancouver, Canada, SF Con in February, as guest of honor. Delivers well-received convention speech (“The Android and the Human”), and declares intention to remain in Canada. Rapidly becomes disenchanted with Vancouver and seeks another destination ….