Private Geography

by Zbigniew

“Walking eastward through the great hall of the CPR station, you approach a putative public platform that might optimistically be called Station Square ….

“It is a true square in the sense of being a space carved out of the fabric of the city, as opposed to an open block surrounded by streets. And what a public space this could be, with a little imagination and some capital …. It would not take much. The space has well defined edges to the west and east, with older buildings (including the CPR station) fronting right onto it, providing the possibility of active uses such as cafes and restaurants. With the parked cars removed and the handsome heritage buildings flanking it opened up to the square, it could become the most cogent and dynamic public platform in the city. A low wall with lookout points along the edge, a unified design for the space that combines access, surface treatment, street furniture and pedestrian lighting, and perhaps the relocation of the adjacent war memorial statue to provide a focal point, would result in a rich public domain animated by people, traffic and trains. Without aping the contrived historicism of the adjacent Gastown’s so-called beautification, the task here is simply to complete the square. Perhaps here, finally, you could imagine a true Public Geography.”

Lance Berelowitz, Dream City


Office tower proposed between Gastown heritage buildings, Metro, January 11, 2015

“The land is already zoned for an office building so the proposal won’t have to go through a public hearing.”

waterfront-tower-555-west-cordova-22Image: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill

waterfront-tower-555-west-cordova-26Image: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill

Waterfront-Tower-555-West-Cordova-16Image: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill / Piranha NYC

The public has until January 22, 2015, to express their comments to the city.