The Rising Tide

by Zbigniew

B3l8g3NCIAEWaAO.jpg_largePhoto: @KendallKendrick

“Coastal flooding could cost the global economy $1-trillion a year a few short decades from now because of the rise in sea levels caused by global warming if action is not taken now to stem the flow and Vancouver is one of the cities most at-risk for losses, says a new study.

“The list of 20 cities most at risk, based on average annual losses due to floods, is topped by Guangzhou, Miami, New York, New Orleans, Mumbai, Nagoya, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Boston, Shenzen, Osaka-Kobe and Vancouver.”

Dene More, “Vancouver near top of list of cities threatened by rising sea levels,” Globe & Mail, August 20, 2013

Maps: Huffington Post

Vancouver Archipelago