by Zbigniew

They arrive weekly, if not more often: emails espousing some unachievable policy aspiration, or an invitation to a highly circumscribed “dialogue”, or plain, run-of-the-mill, propaganda.

What to do when out-of-touch, developer-financed civic officials hand you a sack of lemons? Well, you make make lemonade, of the unsweetened variety.

Ergo, a poem, comprised of Vision Vancouver mass email subject lines.

To wit:


This Earth Day, Vancouver has a lot to be proud of
Homelessness in Vancouver
How can we create affordable homes in Vancouver?
Will I see you at Vision’s Spring Fling?
Will you join us at the Vision Spring Fling?
Tomorrow night, will you join us?
Will I see you at our forum tonight?
Our forum on immigration
Join the Conversation: Kinder Morgan and Vancouver’s economy
Kinder Morgan and a Broadway Subway
The results are in!
The Greenest City Plan is working
A clear choice
VISION:PROUD – we’ve got a lot to celebrate!
VISION:PROUD just got even more fabulous
Walk with us this Sunday
Let’s go
The campaign we’ll run
Taking a stand on oil tankers
Will I see you there?
Support the Subway
Here’s what’s at risk in November
It’s a risk
You’re the first to know