The Candidate

by Zbigniew

This is how I heard it.

Joel Solomon & co. are fishing around for a mayoral candidate for November 2008.

Ideally said candidate could plausibly smooth over the inevitable inconsistencies of Green policy tied to big capital. An autocrat with a progressive face, that’s the desired catch.

David Levi was the first choice. A former stock broker and Vancity Board Chair, and social venture capitalist with affiliations in sustainable energy and the non-profit sector, he fit the bill nicely.

Alas, Levi came with far too much baggage. Being the son of former New Democratic Party cabinet minister Norm Levi wasn’t too detrimental, but David had a prolonged stint as an NDP bagman –not exactly the cleanest of jobs.

And this job needed clean, unburdened, fresh. “Green” in more than one sense.

So, from the clothing optional hot tub at Hollyhock, Solomon and co. are pondering their next move, when the question is posed: “what about him?” I imagine an inclined head focusing attention across the tepid and bubbling divide, to the failed medical student turned farmer, organic juice magnate and Member of the Legislative Assembly for Vancouver-Fairview.

“Telegenic.” Oh, yes.

“Light as a feather.” Yes, but that has its advantages, too.

The fish didn’t put up much of a fight.