Finding Purchase

by Zbigniew

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VIVO: Media Arts Centre

Excerpts from: MOVE UPDATE (March 28, 2014)

Last May, VIVO was given notice that 1965 Main Street had been sold and was slated for demolition in 2014. We were given one year’s notice to vacate. Given the high rate of dislocation faced by arts centres in Vancouver due to ongoing redevelopment, VIVO is committed to purchasing its own property.

What are your plans or the new VIVO?

VIVO envisions a dynamic, organic and creative hub for interdisciplinary practice … some of our ideas:

  • A New Model of Creative Space for Contemporary Media Art Production
  • A collaborative Community Model for the Preservation, Dissemination and Promotion of Media Art
  • A Showcase for Media Arts

Is there a chance that VIVO will close for good?


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