Send in the Drones

by Zbigniew

Thefts and break-ins, drug use and drug deals, as well as prostitution continue to haunt the downtown area.

Vancouver? Surrey, maybe? The teeming cesspit of crime and depravity in question is Maple Ridge.

To the rescue rides Westridge Security, with its generously open-ended commitment to “fulfilling the needs and interests of all our clients” and its latest value proposition: unmanned aerial vehicles. Westridge will be the first private security firm in the province to operate drones.

They’re equipped with infra-red cameras, but no worries: the drones can only be deployed when “requested by an agency.” We can rest easy, knowing that our precious and increasingly delicate privacy is in the firm grip of the federales.



Skymount Unmanned Systems is a Vancouver-based company providing commercial aerial drone services.

From the company’s decidedly slim FAQs page:

“Are Drones dangerous?

“Unfortunately the first widely publicized use of drones was for military purposes, so most people equate them with large aircraft carrying weapons. Civilian drones are very different: they are small, lightweight, quiet, electric powered and are very unlikely to cause any harm.”


Real estate hacks “the Mcnabs” are “upping their game” with a DJI Phantom Quadcopter drone: “now we now have a million more options and angles to help promote our listings!”


Security imperatives, capital investiture, private property preoccupations, brought together into a unholy nexus of bolstered profit margins. How might this play out in the Wild West that is our Terminal City?