Like Today, Only More So

by Zbigniew


Speculative renditions of Vancouver’s future have manifested themselves recently in the popular culture, on television programs such as Continuum and video games like Mass Effect 3.

Despite the obvious dystopian elements –the giant, squid-like alien invasion fleet, the massive barriers holding back the rising ocean, the building boom that appears to have carried on uninterrupted for the next 50 years or so- there’s something reassuring and familiar about these images.

Notwithstanding the impending calamities of servitude to extraterrestrial overlords and/or ecological collapse, future Vancouverites will still be able to enjoy the beach, while sporting the latest fashions; they’ll still glimpse the majestic North Shore mountains -not yet entirely obscured by glittering ziggurats and Babel-scale condo (?) towers of tomorrow’s West End. Our troubles will not be so great that we can’t continue to ignore them.

If the speculators are correct, tomorrow will be a lot like today -only more so.