No New Thing

by Zbigniew

“The parties’ handling of the major issues for Vancouver –control of growth and citizen participation- shows that they have little dedication to interests of the present residents of Vancouver. Even the city hall bureaucracy seems structured to accommodate developers and is little able to preserve and maintain existing neighbourhoods or current value systems.

“Vancouver’s destiny has been in the grip of profit-hungry developers and speculators ever since there was a Vancouver –and even before.

“But it hasn’t been all bad. Time after time, average Vancouver residents have come to the rescue, to stop developments when they were seen to be harmful to the interests of the citizens or destructive to the environment. The recent history of Vancouver is rich in such actions …. As well as the big-name fights, there have been innumerable confrontations with bulldozers and unscrupulous landlords, unsympathetic city council and the indifferent bureaucracy at city hall. These actions demonstrate that the citizens of Vancouver are deeply concerned about their environment and living conditions.

“Nor is citizen action in Vancouver a new thing.”

Donald Gutstein, Vancouver Ltd., 1975