Pitching woo

by Zbigniew


In June of this year Justin Trudeau pitched Mayor Gregor Robertson to run for the federal Liberals in 2015.

The Mayor’s response? He intends to run for Mayor in 2014, we’re told, square-jawed/earnestly.

Of course that doesn’t preclude a federal election bid a year later. That’s just borrowing a leaf from the Geoff Meggs expediency playbook: secure the civic seat, the safety net, then take a run at higher office*

A willingness to play musical chairs with our democracy doesn’t suggest much depth of character and it’s exactly the kind of move I expect from a juice swiggin’ cyclist cum real estate shill. He’s just the cypher to compliment Trudeau fils -the pot-smoking Human Face of the Petrol State.

Even as Robertson plays coy, gifts –the harbingers of a union- are being exchanged.

The Vancouver Economic Commission is the City’s lackluster and nominal economic development arm. The kind of place where bureaucrats can throw their feces around without causing too much real damage –most of the time. The VEC reports to the Mayor’s office.

On September 5th, its latest in a long line of VEC Executive Directors was announced: Ian McKay. Skipping over his CV, we get to the interesting part: until recently, Mr. McKay was the National Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Braeden Caley is the media relations contact for the Mayor’s office. He’s also a dyed-in-the-wool federal Liberal. On November 3rd he was voted president of the BC-wing of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Will he? Won’t he? Either way, not exactly a blushing bride.

* A perspicacious maneuver, as it turned out: Meggs lost the NDP nod for Vancouver-Fairview to George Heyman; Heyman just managed to avoid getting Dixed in the provincial election.