Beyond the Pale

by Zbigniew

VPD Charger

The Vancouver Police Department is replacing its fleet of Ford Crown Victoria Interceptors with the Dodge Charger Enforcer.

In place of the non-descript and utilitarian is a curious nexus of RoboCop aesthetic, the convenience of illuminated front cup holders, and the green credentials of “a highly efficient 3.6 litre engine … [that] will reduce fuel consumption by approximately 25%.”

Whether racing to the scene of the crime heralded by the deep baritone of a “rumbler” siren, or deploying the “Stealth Mode” to creep up on their prey as an “undercover hunter”, the new, TV-ready, badass ride will take Vancouver’s Finest Beyond the Call –in theory.


“The City of Vancouver has filed statements of defence on behalf of its police force in a series of lawsuits related to the Pickton case.

“The city has filed statements of defence insisting it acted reasonably when it received reports of sex workers disappearing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

“The statements also argue there is no evidence any of the women named in the lawsuits actually disappeared from Vancouver or died as result of activity that happened in the city.”

The Province, “Vancouver police force insists it made ‘reasonable efforts’ to find missing women found on Pickton’s farm” (October 7, 2013)