by Zbigniew


Stanley Park

In 1884, the Dominion of Canada obtained all of Britain’s War Office lands, including “… the whole of that part of Coal Harbour peninsula known as the Government Reserve.” Immediately, the Canadian Pacific Railway sought ownership of the southern half, including Brockton Point, but the request was rejected. In order to limit the supply of land destined to go to market in the soon-to-be Terminal City and, in so doing, bolster the value of its own holdings, the CPR prodded its stooge on the newly inaugurated Vancouver City Council, Alderman & CPR land commissioner L. A. Hamilton, to motion for the creation of a park: so carried.


Devonian Harbour Park (Georgia Street at Stanley Park entrance)

“Angry citizens protested high-rise development just metres from Stanley Park’s entrance in the late 1960s. Activists set up a tent city lasting nine months, planting an ‘All Seasons Park’ until city council and the developers backed down. Today, strollers enjoy four hectares of rose gardens, ponds, a stone bridge, plazas and footpaths, funded in part by the Calgary-based (sic) Devonian Group of Charitable Foundations.”

The Greater Vancouver Book, “The Parks of Vancouver”, Kerry McPhedran


Pinnacle ParkPinnacle Park