The Science of Getting Rich

by Zbigniew

Of a warm, summer evening, I opt for a post-prandial perambulation. Through the twilight and scents of barbeque, bonfire, and marijuana I drift north. Near Wall Street, a sign catches my eye and piques my curiosity.

The telephone contact employed by “Tod” and “Rich” is also associated with one Jeffrey Hunter, self-professed Northern California “MasterMind Mentor” and “21st Century Renaissance Man.” Jeff espouses the Law of Attraction, wherein a universal dynamic quantum physics energy field magnetizes things -primarily cold, hard cash- to your general direction.

In a humble East Vancouver neighbourhood adjacent to the port, train yards and the industrial strength processing of animal remains I’ve stumbled upon the presence of a post-new age California guru’s Science of Getting Rich: think positively, invest heavily in Vancouver real estate, and soon you’ll be ordering “the $100 bottle of wine with dinner.”