Sign: Signifier + Signified

by Zbigniew


My Vision Vancouver membership expired in tandem with the last vestiges of my political naivet√© many, many disappointments ago. Nonetheless, and despite my cranky responses to the party’s phone solicitations, the email flow continues unabated.


A recent such, nominally from Councillor Andrea Reimer, heralds the release of the first report of the Mayor’s Engaged City Task Force. In mid-yawn a recommendation catches my attention: the redesign of development signage, “to make it easier to read and understand”. Finally, movement on the pressing issue of poor signage.

“We can’t solve our toughest challenges as a City without an engaged and civic-minded community,” says the Mayor.

Unshackled as we will be from the tyranny of bad copy, the announcement was a bit thin on details. For example, no word on whether the revised signage will note developer campaign donations to Vision and the NPA -or the Greens or COPE, for that matter.

Also missing was the position of the Mayor’s tongue relative to his cheek.