Toxic Gas

by Zbigniew


The record states that Chirsty was a Liberal of the national variety. In hindsight it makes altogether much sense that she would feel at home in that most mercurial of parties -the technical institute for bait left/govern right and its variant, short-term populism.

At SFU in the 1980s I figured her for a Bill Bennett supporter, given the close company she kept with a pair of proto-douche Young Socreds. They proved an inseparable troika, apparently bound by an oath of high volume ideological boorishness.

Their arrival to our mutual third year political science seminar was typically heralded by a loud exchange regarding, for example, the various merits of Friedmanite economic theory. These conversations were regularly punctuated by the phrase “Totally FJ”. As far as I could determine from my perch across the room in the company of a loose coalition of shaggy and nicotine-scented lefties, this sounded like a label of derision and/or dismissal along the lines of “Dave Barrett is Totally FJ”; or, “the Agricultural Land Reserve? Totally FJ”.


While it’s a perfectly acceptable strategy to give your opponent enough room to hit the ground, I’m extravagantly disappointed that somebody representing an East Vancouver riding would hesitate to employ a good solid kick to the solar plexus to keep said opponent horizontal.

It’s a depressing thought that in the absence of a judiciously applied “boot fuck” the Harper-associated, hardhat-wearing Premier Hockeymom will not face a well deserved exile back to that dark corner of the radio dial that is the natural habitat of reactionary cranks and the lumpen suburbantariat. Now we can look forward to the scam washing-up in thick globs on our nominally fair shores: rather than a good hard look at the books, more slop for the PavCo trough and dodgy casino deals; in place of a 21st century dream factory, it’ll be 19th century resource extraction and the nightmare of coal dust particulates and toxic gas events.

Totally FJ.