“Live, Live, Live”

by Zbigniew


Walking by yet another development promoting “Live, Work, Play” and I wonder if the mantra isn’t getting a little tired –and, let’s be honest, a little dishonest, as the adjacent “Work” and “Play” will be inevitably converted into “Live” and “Live”, respectively.

Perhaps its time for a catchphrase update; something fresh, yet bracing and cynical. To that end, a few thoughts:

Live, Work, Schtump

Live, Work, Struggle to Make Mortgage Payments

Reside, Produce, Engage in Sanctioned Recreational Activities

Work Eight Hours, Sleep Eight Hours, Play Eight Hours*

Drink a Coffee, Walk the Dog, Bag the Shit

Live in a Box, Work in a Box, Be the Box

Exist, Toil, Distract

Invest, Hold, Sell

Any more?

* Courtesy of They Live