by Zbigniew

“ … the false front is both synonymous with the artificial display of wealth as well as the rapid boom-and-bust expansions of early mining, railroad and forestry communities.”

Reece Terris, The Western Front Front: Another False Front

An entire economy built on the speculative value of waterlogged cubes of drywall.  Sometimes these are purchased by people who don’t exist. Sometimes the homes themselves don’t exist.

There are fake communities enthusiastically praised under false pretenses, and real neighbourhoods burdened by fake names.

Here’s a philanthropist whose favourite charity is himself. You’ll find him shilling those cubes by the fake island in False Creek.

A patrimony of façade and a politics of apologetic quotes: “consultation”; “affordability”; “Greenest City”.

In this place ugly is altogether too real. It smacks of poverty and that’s just not possible.