by Zbigniew

“Vancouverism” is a city planning pharmaceutical comprised of a downtown core of high-density residential towers, developer-funded amenities, extensive street level commercial activity, and public transit, parks and other infrastructure. Proponents claim the drug will make the subject Sustainable, Diverse, and Vibrant.

It’s popular. San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Chicago, Toronto, Melbourne, Dubai and a host of others are all “Vancouverizing.”

However, there are reports of consistent and serious inflammatory side effects that have collectively been labeled “Vancouveritis”. Symptoms include: a speculative mania leading to gentrification; a widespread blandness due to reduced economic and social diversity; a community amenity discharge that tends to disappear permanently into civic coffers; fissures erupting along an overburdened public infrastructure; an uncontrollable urge to destroy anything of historic or cultural value. While symptoms may be limited to the core for a time, repeated use will result in their inevitable spread to the extremities. Tissue damage is severe and irreversible.

Attempts to mollify symptoms tend to make the subject more susceptible to further inflammation. While negative effects can be contained through withdrawal, a prolonged state of depression is likely to follow.