Georgia Medical Dental Arts Building

by Zbigniew


“A few people know … that the decorations, including the nurses and the panels around the arch at the main entry, include symbols and pictographs of scientific medicine, Christian belief and faith, and medieval and ancient magic and superstition …. Does anyone know that at the entrance the caduceus, a rod with two snakes entwined at the shaft, is a symbolic mistake? A shaft with twin serpents is a symbol of Hermes or Mercury, gods of commerce, not healing or charity.”

Danny Boyd, Vancouver Sun, May 30, 1989


“… the old [building] has been there all this time and forms an important part of our collective civic memory. A city without a past suffers amnesia, and Vancouver is fast becoming a world-class center for architectural Alzheimer’s disease.”

John Davis, letter to the Vancouver Sun, May 11, 1988

Tip-of-the-hat to Johnny Drift.