“New York”

by Zbigniew

Tear Down

Brief is a Lower Mainland sunny afternoon in near winter, a quiet drift through golden light and past trees encircled by shrouds of dead leaves.

And like a tongue to a sore tooth, or a bit of cosmic fluff to a black hole, I’m drawn to the destructive force. At Keefer & Main I find the remains of a brick structure, its dismantling temporarily suspended.

Locals walk past, barely breaking their stride to register the shift in the topography.

Others linger. John’s an actor from New York in town to shoot Fringe.

I remember my first trip to New York, and the pleasant disorientation of having already been, an innate familiarity with its space and iconography. I had been prepared, my experience pretextualized through years of exposure to its popular narratives, everything from The Amazing Spider-Man and Barney Miller to The Fountainhead and The Warriors.

New York looms large. So large that John has left his home to travel to Vancouver to work on a television program set in Manhattan.

And Vancouver?

“It looks like it was built last week,” he offers.

“It was,” I assure him.

Tear Down 2