Some Shiny Thing

by Zbigniew

Kingsgate Mall, aka “Hellsgate Mall”: a serviceable if humble collection of downmarket Mt. Pleasant retail. But space is at a premium in the Best Place on Earth for such modest offerings. It’s got to go.

Enter the developer: Ryan Beedie.

An extraordinary Globe & Mail profile, where you can almost hear the smack of lips on ass, suggests a local visionary of the distinctly nearsighted early 21st century plutocratic variety. Boredom is his motivation for moving from the industrial to residential spheres, a desire to play with a “shiny thing.” Acknowledging the controversy caused by Rize Alliance’s residential tower proposal destined for just across Kingsway, Beedie notes that he “would go to painstaking efforts to avoid such an outcome,” before expressing his grand vision for post-Kingsgate: “I would see it as being a combination of residential towers and a brand new food anchored mall ….”

The plan may be old and stale, but it’s the approach that new, fresh, visionary: the city as plaything.