Friendly Surveillance

by Zbigniew

Pacific Central: Stainless steel sentinels promise incidental convenience in an Orwellian/Huxleyan dialect, all for the low-low price of being surveilled. While these dead-eyed servants of the state have not been deployed -apparently- beyond a Station Street trial, Vancouver’s Photo Violation Technologies Corp. remains committed to Revolutionizing the Parking IndustryTM by Perfecting How People ParkTM one trademarked phrase at a time.

Kudos to Kasimir (

The PhotoViolationMeterTM

The World’s Friendliest Parking MeterTM!

FEATURES-Benefit To You!

Every Way to PayTM

The PhotoViolationMeterTM accepts a number of payment options including:

Coin (Multi-currency)/Bills*

Credit Card*


Debit Card*

Smart Card*

*Some options may not be activated.

Credit Card No-FineTM Feature*

Never worry about receiving a parking violation!

By paying with credit card and selecting the No-FineTM feature, the PhotoViolationMeterTM bills time automatically to your credit card while the vehicle is parked. Once the vehicle pulls away, the meter stops billing the credit card.

NOTE: Check time restrictions and no-parking times

Grace PeriodTM Feature*

Don’t worry about running a few minutes late! The Grace PeriodTM Feature is a user friendly feature that allows the driver to pay at the meter for expired time upon returning to your vehicle.

NOTE: Grace Period set by City/Municipality

Pay Your FineTM Feature*

If you do receive a parking violation you can pay it right at the meter. It’s so easy!

Instant NotificationTM Feature*

The Instant NotificationTM Feature informs of:

No-Parking Times

Rush Hour Zone Times

Special Events Parking Rates

Free Parking Times

* Patents Pending. Some Features May Not Be Activated.