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Month: August, 2012

Yuppie Disinfectant

by Zbigniew

On the same day that it ran a story on Vancouver’s third-rate ranking on The Economist’s list of the world’s most liveable cities, The Province notes the complaints of one Lenore Newman, East Vancouver resident and “food issues researcher”, regarding the stench produced by the West Coast Reduction facility at the foot of Commercial Drive.

“You spend $1 million on a house, you don’t want it to smell like fish,” quothe she, apparently oblivious to having purchased property in the proximity of an industrial area and a working port in East Vancouver: yeah, it stinks. No surprise -in these parts the nose hair curling, eye-watering tang is the olfactory signal that the dog days of summer have arrived.

I wouldn’t describe the reek as a bed of roses, exactly, but it is an honest odour –the product of capital and labour, the unavoidable dirty job that needs doing regardless of the negative consequences to one’s branded, latte-to-go lifestyle. And to this seasoned proboscis, it smells a hell of a lot fresher than all that leveraged cash trying to park itself in gritty nooks and crannies. To this snozz, the emanations of West Coast Reduction are nothing less than pine-scented yuppie disinfectant.

Seen in Passing: Pender & Penticton

by Zbigniew

Tawdry & Romantic

by Zbigniew

“Tawdry and romantic, bourgeoise and raunchy at once, Vancouver is where the small ambitions flourish and the large dreams move furtively.”

Donald Cameron, Weekend, April 19, 1975

A tip-of-the-hat to Johnny Drift.

Seen in Passing: Hastings & Cambie

by Zbigniew