by Zbigniew

“To describe the beauties of this region will, on some future occasion, be a very grateful task to the pen of a skilled panegyrist.”

 George Vancouver


“All the consolation we got from the smiling people of Vancouver was: ’You bought that from Steve, did you? Ah-hah, Steve! You hadn’t ought to ha’ bought from Steve. No! Not from Steve!’ And thus did the good Steve cure us of speculating in real estate.”

Rudyard Kipling


“Vancouver presents no interest to the casual visitor. It is severely Scotch. Its beauties lie in its surroundings.”

Aleister Crowley


“Between the tycoonery and old party machines on one side and the increasingly vocal proletariat on the other, the mass of Vancouver people are uninterested in politics, domesticated, virtuous, quiet and peculiarly provincial.”

Bruce Hutchison


“Nobody in Vancouver buys art … they’re not interested in painting.”

Andy Warhol


“To me it’s a small town, not a big city. That’s part of it’s appeal. The other part is that it is incomparably beautiful. I can be in Vancouver and still be a nature mystic.”

Thomas York


“The problem of our inability to truly understand the city can be summed up in a sole name: Vancouver. A peaceful Canadian city, which has become the model, in the absence of others, of the more or less correct city, more or less friendly, more or less blah blah blah”.

Rem Koolhaas