Refuge: Cherry Blossoms

by Zbigniew

A place of shelter, protection, or safety; any recourse for relief or escape.

The scams pile up so fast in Vancouver that keeping my spleen properly ventilated can be exhausting. That’s when I need to seek out a refuge. Perhaps its a quiet place overlooked by aspirational branding campaigns and other banal attention or wallet grabs -some place inherently pretty or beautiful just for being empty. It might be a poem, a bit of prose, a memory, a sound.

If you have a blog-friendly representation of such a refuge, send it along to and we’ll see about posting it here.


Spring is a walk down a sunny residential street lined with cherry blossoms: the delicate scent, the light dusting of white-pink petals.  Monday last I came across a clutch of trees in full bloom in an -thankfully- underused downtown park. (The precise location of which seems to have slipped my mind.)