Plus ça change …

by Zbigniew

“Vancouver is casual, unconventional, untidy, and not too carefully dressed as compared with older cities of the East ….”

Bruce Hutchinson, The Fraser (1950)

While not exactly an accredited arbiter of matters tasteful, MSN Travel recently identified Vancouver as the third worst-dressed city in the world. Why?

“There is one reason, and one reason only … yoga pants. We blame you, Vancouver, birthplace of a certain, insanely popular yoga gear brand which will go unnamed, for spawning a street trend dreaded by all women with wobbly bits and fat deposits in the wrong places. Really, what gives with the whole wearing of bum hugging workout gear to every other place except the gym? On behalf of women with hips and thighs everywhere, who like their pants to have buttons and zippers thank you very much, and who are of the opinion that yoga pants are a ruse worn by lazy pseudo-fashionistas, we beseech you: unless you plan to do a downward dog within the hour, spare us the yoga pants and put on some real trousers.”